How can you improve your performance without firing a shot? Mental Imagery. Your subconscious mind can't tell the difference between real and the imagined. You may already be practicing imagery but here are 4 ways to make this mental tool even more powerful:

1.) Perspective: experiment with different "camera" perspectives. For example, first person, third person and even bird's eye view. Different views add increased detail and more data to your subconscious mind, and improve memorization.

2.) Multiple Senses: visual imagery is key for shooting, but don't forget to add sound...the start buzzer, the steel targets. Feel - the tactile sensation of a "good" grip or feeling the trigger on a difficult shot.

3.) Speed: Slow down difficult & important sequences. This will allow you to focus, frame by frame, on each component of the technique. Then, speed them up to real-time.

4.) Control: Carefully imagine only positive application of technique and positive outcomes. Eliminate all mistakes.