The Triangle Drill

Train your draw, mag change, movement, and positional technique, with this simple yet effective drill.

Begin by setting up three positions in a triangular fashion. Separate the positions by approximately five yards. For targets, I alternate between an 8” BEST Targets steel plate and an IPSC target. Set the target at a minimum of 10 yards from the forward positions. You’ll be firing a pair on the target from each position. When using an IPSC target, only A-Zone hits count.

I start at one cone and work my way back to the start position. Alternate which cone you start at and which direction you travel.  You can also vary the distance to the target as well as the separation between the shooting positions to add variety.

Tips: start this drill without mag changes so that you can focus more intently on your positional work and movement. Once you’re confident with those skills, add in the mag changes at each position.