Two-Day Performance Pistol Class​ 

March 4-5 

Hosted by My Own Defender LLC

The Performance Pistol​ class is a comprehensive course designed to provide the tools, analysis, and in-depth critique, essential to advancing a student's shooting to a higher level. Its primary focus is competitive practical shooting (USPSA/IPSC).

Round count: Approximately 800 rounds.

​Course Curriculum:

Grip: mechanics and geometry
Stance: Power Stance, Single-Hand, Barricade
Trigger Control: The 3 Stages and when and how to use

Target Types: L1, L2, and L3
Draws: All types from holster 
Table Starts: Loading and drawing
Mag Changes: Static and moving

Transitions: Mechanical and visual aspects
Ocular techniques: The 4 types of visual processes and how to train them
Visual processing: Methods to enhance efficiency and speed

Sight Acquisition: Two Types
Target Acquisition: Blind and Peripheral
Velocitization: Using speed acclimatization to make gains in a shorter amount of time

Calling Shots: In-depth process analysis and awareness exercises

Movement: Detailed break-down of position entry and position exit 

Four different types of exit techniques based upon target difficulty and scenario


Cognitive Priming 
Visualization and Mental Imagery
The Two Mind Modes: Manual and Automatic
The Reticular Activating System: how to tune for success and initiating change
Breaking Through Plateaus 

Match Preparation: Physical, Mental, Nutrition
Match Craft: Performance, Strategy, Consistency
Vision Barriers: Shooting prop manipulation and negotiation

Daily question & answer session

And much more...