Two-Day Performance Pistol


The Performance Pistol​ class is a comprehensive course designed to provide the tools, analysis, and in-depth critique essential to advancing a student's shooting to a higher level. Its primary focus is competitive practical shooting (IPSC/USPSA).

Round count: Customizable from 300 to 800 plus rounds.

​Note on ammo: Travis can tailor the course of fire for the individual student who may wish to conserve, or has a shortage of ammo.

Location: Travis will travel to your area

Class size: Generally a 10 student minimum is required, with a maximum of 12 students

You can earn a free enrollment in the class by being the Class Coordinator for your area (please contact Travis for details)

Just a few of the topics covered: 

  •  Grip 
  •  Draws
  •  Reloads
  •  Visual Techniques & Calling Your Shots
  •  Stance - Recoil Management
  •  Mindset & Mental Management
  •  Physical Preparation, Nutrition, & Hydration
  •  Visualization
  •  Matchcraft & Strategy
  •  Target Acquisition & Target Transitions -both Peripheral & Bliind
  • ​ Movement: Entering and Exiting Shooting Positions
  •  Shooting on the Move
  •  Vision Barriers & Stage Prop Manipulation
  •  Kneeling/Prone
  •  Single Hand Shooting

Range Fees: Any additional fees charged by the range should be added to the student’s base enrollment fee. The Class Coordinator should collect these fees and pay the range directly.


​For more information and to schedule a Performance Pistol class, please contact: