​​​​Two-Day Performance Pistol

The Performance Pistol​ class is a comprehensive course designed to provide the tools, analysis, and in-depth critique essential to advancing a student's shooting to a higher level. Its primary focus is competitive practical shooting (USPSA/IPSC).

Location: Travis will travel to your area.
Class size: Approximately 10 to 12 students.

Round count: Approximately 800 rounds (customizable from 300 to 1,000 plus rounds).

​Fee: Starting at $500 per student (pricing varies depending on location etc).

Just a few of the topics covered: 

  •  Grip, draw, reloads, and stance 

  •  Target acquisition and target transitions

  •  How to improve and refine your skills with less ammo

  •  The proper use of neuroplasticity in acquiring new technique

  •  How to improve visual/ocular aspects and techniques 

  • ​ Movement: entering and exiting shooting positions

  •  Shooting on the move

  •  Vision barriers and stage prop manipulation

  •  Mindset and mental management

  •  Physical preparation, nutrition, & hydration

  •  Visualization and mental imagery

  •  Matchcraft and strategy​​

  •  Single hand shooting

Range Fees: Any additional fees charged by the range should be added to the student’s base enrollment fee. The Class Coordinator should collect these fees and pay the range directly.

You can earn a free enrollment in the class by being the Class Coordinator for your area. 

Equipment List:

Functioning handgun and magazines

Holster/belt/mag pouches

Note pad, and pen/pencil (optional)

Clothing suited to training/matches as well as being seasonally appropriate
Rain gear / cold weather gear (seasonal)

Ear pro / eye pro

Appropriate foot gear
Snacks (optional)

Sunblock (optional)
Knee and elbow pads (optional)

​​ ​

For more information and to schedule a Performance Pistol class, please contact: travis@travistomasie.com